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Making History in China

It was a small amount that I thought no one would notice or recognize as I donated to Penní»s Making History Campaign. It was a promise I made to myself to give something in these tough economic times. Perhaps a small donation might help someone I felt. I sometimes feel that a bigger donation would mean more so maybe I shouldní»t bother giving if caní»t be a large dollar amount.

On the other hand, I figure that if every alumnus or alumnae gave the same small amount, more students in need could benefit and make their college education at Penn a reality. So, I did my small part to help.

It felt good to specify that my donation went directly to the School of Engineering and Applied Science since I graduated from that program and it had such an impact on my life. I continue to read about what exciting programs SEAS offers and want to support their ongoing efforts so that students feel the same as I do after departing Penn.

What was most surprising was that months after my donation, I visited campus where everyone I met with personally thanked me for a donation I had completely forgotten about. The level of appreciation and the courteousness from the University was actually touching. Everyone seemed genuinely appreciative. Ití»s true that giving makes your feel good. I plan to make an annual donation regardless of the amount using the link from our website.

Loretta Evans, D.Sc.
Penn Alumnae (ExMSE í»95)