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More Brain Mapping                                                    June 10, 2012
What's a CFO to Do?                                                    June 10, 2012

Last year, were introduced to brain mapping for the first time as we learned about the collaboration with Penn and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We were fortunate to have professors return again this year. James Gee, Sharon Thompson-Schill and Geoffrey Aguirre will joined us for a casual discussion of their research. We were delighted to have these professors bring us up to date on their fascinating research as well as their collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). Check out the links below to learn more about the professors and their research and see photos from our exciting event.

James Gee
Sharon Thompson-Schill
Geoffrey Aguirre

A discussion about the business needs from the point of view of the chief financial officer took place on June 10 with Dewey Norton. 

Directors and officers of businesses often face problems that are so numerous and deep seated that it is difficult to know whether the firms management is qualified to turn the business around, where to start and how to set priorities. There is often disagreement among senior executives about the extent of problems, their seriousness or whether they are driven by external forces or management missteps. To survive in this situation, a financial officer must assess the situation accurately in a short time, alert the board to the extent of problems and present a credible get well plan. Accounting and reporting errors will continue until the plan is implemented. Directors and the CEO must support the plan and be patient, up to a point.

About Dewey Norton:
Dewey Norton is a Penn alumni (College 67, GA&S 72, WG 72). His career is in corporate financial management.  This summer he will teach international accounting at the University of International Business and Economics.  His book, Executives Guide to Improving Strategy, Risk and Financial Performance, will be published by Palgrave Macmillan early in the fall.  His wife, Junru Tian, is working with hospitals and universities in China to improve medical treatment in neurology.