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Professor Steinhardt Discusses Life and Death in Ancient China and Egypt

Dr. Steinhardt showed an incredible collection of slides depicting the commonalities and views of after life in ancient Egyptian and Chinese societies. She showed a lot of slide of tombs that have only recently been excavated that review the ancient burial practices in China. It was a very thought provoking introduction to areas of cultural commonality. The presentation came out of a course that she taught with an expert on ancient Egyptian culture and archeology.

She addressed some questions such as, what are the social effects of a civilization that begins to prepare for the afterlife almost immediately after birth, spends more time preparing for death than living life, and deposits its greatest treasures underground? It was interesting listening to Professor Steinhardt and beginning to see uniquely similar ideologies in two civilizations that had no contact with each other.

(Part of the description of Professor Steinhardt¡¯s lecture is taken directly from the Penn course description that can be found on the website
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The Penn Club of Beijing intends to stay connected with Professor Steinhardt. Stay tuned for more information.
Xiao Min, Chris Thomas, Sara Ge
Professor Nancy S. Steinhardt
Terry Crossman introducing Professor Steinhardt
Terry and Glynnis Crossman
Group picture of Penn alumni and Penn friends with Professor Steinhardt following the lecture