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2013 – Annual Membership Goals 150 Members

2013 Membership Goals – 150 Members!

This year, we are trying something new. To join the club in 2013, go online and make a donation to Penn, show us proof and you'll be a member of the Penn Club of Beijing. Just click the red bar above (next to About Us) to see some options for Giving to Penn. Our links will take you to Giving to Penn options. Please do this today. Send a quick e-mail to to let us know.

Give to whatever department you wish and any amount you wish (preferably the amount of Penn Club of Beijing annual dues ~$50USD but less is okay. Just do it please.). Tell your Penn classmates, friends and family! Let's boost donations from friends and alumni of the Penn Club of Beijing.

The annual membership goal is 150 members! Your dues not only support administrative costs such as things like hosting costs for the website (the maintenance and development are donated by one of our members) but entitle you to generous discounts to Penn Club of Beijing events where you can network with people doing great things in Beijing. We strive to offer discounts that equal or exceed the costs of dues in three months or less. We think joining the club just makes sense. Join us today!

We are a club on the move and think you¡¯ll be happy to be a part of the meaningful things we are accomplishing in the Beijing community. Contact us now at for more information or just click below to enter your information. You can pay your dues at the next event.

Individual Membership Qualifications
  • Anyone who has graduated or attended a program of studies at the University of Pennsylvania for at least one semester qualifies for membership of the Club.
  • Anyone who has worked at the University of Pennsylvania as either staff or faculty also qualifies for membership.
  • Students accepted into the class starting this fall can have a conditional membership
  • Some Penn spouses and significant others
Individual Membership Benefits
Your membership dues constitute an important source of support for the Club's activities. We have two membership options: paying members and non-paying alumni.
Non-paying members:
  • Notification of all upcoming Penn Club events
  • Invitation to other intra-Ivy League school alumni activities
For dues-paying members:
  • Notification of all upcoming Penn Club events
  • Invitation to other intra-Ivy League school alumni activities
  • Membership Directory (of other Individual Members)
  • Discounted admission to Penn Club events
Annual Individual Membership cost- 300 RMB per year
Annual Dues for 2010 and 2011 Penn Graduates just 100 RMB!

Payment can be made to the following account in China at any Min Sheng Bank. Click here for bank information and locations. Please e-mail us your bank confirmation number if you decide to pay by bank transfer at and include your name and the amount deposited or transferred.