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About the Penn Club of Beijing

The Penn Club of Beijing operates based on by-laws enacted in 2009. The club¡¯s current president is Loretta Evans, D.Sc. (ExMSE ¡¯95).
In 1997, Terry Crossman started the Club with a list of Beijing alumni provided from Penn. It was a fascinating exercise finding pre-revolutionary mailing addresses and contacting people by mail.

One of the recipients of the first mailer was an 80 year old alumna who was then a retired professor of ophthalmology who responded to an invitation to a club event with a beautiful hand written letter expressing her happiness to be reconnected with the Penn family. She signed her name Dorothy and said it was the first time she had used her English name since she returned to China after graduating from Penn Medical School in 1951. She attended a dinner event with Dean Hack of the Penn School of design and enjoyed herself immensely.

Like all volunteer alumni clubs, activities waxed and waned over the years, but the club usually managed to do at least five gatherings a year, and many volunteers were involved with alumni interviewing. Charles Hsieh W¡¯00 briefly took over running the club in 2004 prior to returning to Penn to do two additional degrees in the Lauder program.
The Penn Club of Beijing currently has several high energy club officers and we have regular meetings to plan out our schedule of events and activities. Yin Yin has experience with the Penn Club in Germany. KT Wu has been involved since the early days of the club before the Wharton Club was started in Beijing. Loretta Evans was briefly involved with the Penn Alumni Club in Washington, D.C. Since 1997, we have had three Penn President visits. The club has put on events with various Deans and Professors of the different schools.

Presently, the club has over 400 potential members in Beijing based on our current mailing list representing a broad range of graduates from all of Penn¡¯s many distinguished schools. We hope they will register with the Club and support club activities. Click here to learn more about becoming a member.

With the newest officers elected for 2010, the future of the Club is looking very bright as an alumni club really thrives on the efforts of its volunteers. We have many new programs planned including fundraising for scholarships for deserving PRC undergraduates to attend our alma mater and we always welcome all alumni to volunteer their time and contribute.