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Penn Club of Beijing and Alumni Affairs Meet in Beijing

Officers of the Penn Club of Beijing, Hoopes Wampler and Fanny Chu-Fong of Alumni Relations met in Beijing to reconnect, talk about what¡¯s new and talk about how we can make the club better. The president of the Penn Club of Taiwan also joined us.

Our most pressing problem is staying in touch with our alumni. Beijing is a transient city. So with people on the move, it¡¯s not difficult for them to lose touch. This is an on-going project. We plan to address this with surveys and making more connections with people to validate their data.

We also talked about maintaining our recent progress with the club for continued success. We¡¯ll need everyone¡¯s support to make sure this happens. We welcome your feedback and really want your involvement as we make the club worthwhile to all alumni.

Many thanks to the continued support from our friends on campus that continue to make us feel like we¡¯re just around the corner instead of on the other side of the world.

See pictures below.

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