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Hello Quakers,

Happy New Year! We'll soon begin the Year of the Water Snake!

We are starting the year with new volunteers that are recent graduates. I'm looking forward to some new events in more parts of Beijing. We're coming to Wudaokou! We know there are lots of recent alumni in that area that we're looking forward to seeing on their turf.

We always welcome volunteers. Getting involved with the club is a great way to meet people whether

you've been in Beijing a long time or have just arrived. We are delighted that Yang Shi, Meghan Hussey and Anne Sherman are getting involved and have been involved with our latest events.

I am happy that we have our loyal and faithful Club members too. They know who they are since they hear from me and other members regularly.

The International Internship Program is back! Take a look at the website at http://global.upenn.edu/iip . Find out how you can get a Penn intern to work in your office this summer.Penns International Internship Program 2013.pdf

We have a full slate of activities and events coming your way this year. Let us know if you want to get involved in interviewing prospective Penn students, helping with events or helping to just get the word out to other alumni. Make this the year you get involved.

Loretta Evans, D.Sc. ('95 ExMSE)
Penn Club of Beijing

January 2013