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President¡¯s Message to the Penn Club of Beijing

Dear Penn Club of Beijing Alumni:

On my recent visit to Beijing you showed me that you don¡¯t consider 7,245 miles much of an obstacle when it comes to Penn pride. In all my travels I have not encountered a more enthusiastic, committed, or engaged group of Penn alumni. I hope I was just as successful in conveying how proud we are of all of you. As citizens of the world, you have traveled far, seen much, and grown in ways that evolved in part from your Penn education and experiences. As alumni, you continue to demonstrate Penn¡¯s precepts through your innovative programs and volunteer efforts. Truly we could not wish for more eloquent and effective ambassadors for Penn and the United States.

We are also mighty proud that Penn alumnus Jon Huntsman Jr., C¡¯87, has been nominated as our actual Ambassador to China. At a time when cooperation between China and the United States is critical to the development of economic and political stability throughout the world, Penn and Penn alumni are playing a vital role in strengthening these ties. Not only do we have an impressive alumni presence in China, but we have exciting teaching and research collaborations at Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Penn is a new model of higher education ¨C diverse, interdisciplinary, and engaged both locally and globally ¨C and you are among our model citizens. As we press forward on our path from excellence to eminence, I am grateful that the Penn Club of Beijing is part of our vanguard.

Thank you from us all.


Amy Gutmann
June 2009