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Useful Information as You Consider Employment in China

Below are informative reports from the Boston Consulting Group that will give you valuable insight on working in second tiered cities in China as well as useful information about working in China.
The 2009 BCG 100 New Global Challenges
China¡¯s Digital Generations

Wang & Li provides newsletters on the latest updates and observations in employment development. Please take a look at the helpful information provided.
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March 2010: Looking At China's Employment Market, One Year Later
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Tips and Advice from Recruitment firms in Beijing and Shanghai

The Penn Club of Beijing has contact with three recruiting firms where Penn alumni can find useful resources to help with their job search in Beijing. Some information is listed below for your convenience.

Wang & Li Asia Resources China's 2008 Recruitment Firm Of The Year
Read Wang & Li founder Larry Wang¡¯s bio here
See the helpful documents to finding work in Beijing provided by Wang & Li. For more information about Wang & Li, click one of the links below.

  • Pursuing Job Opportunities from Abroad
  • Pursuing a Summer Internship in China from Abroad
  • High Value Added Skill Areas and Job Functions for China
  • Red Pagoda Concepts, LLC

    We are talent acquisition professionals. We find and match exceptionally talented candidates with career opportunities that offer the potential for dramatically greater impact, compensation and satisfaction. Our clients are fast-growing early-stage companies in China - companies that are boldly and courageously changing the world in ways that matter. Experience, focus and tenacity underpin our promise to our clients: Exceptional candidates, quickly delivered.

    The Red Pagoda team has broad and deep experience in venture capital and private equity. We're also experienced and successful entrepreneurs. We bring years of tactical execution experience in executive search. We are effective and efficient in delivering game-changing talent to our clients: We know how to do the right things and we know how to do things right.<

    Our business expertise enables us to research, define and articulate the critical requirements for success in your key vacancies. Our experience in recruiting means that we can quickly and efficiently produce the candidates you need. We do this by working hard with our clients to define clear requirements of who and what you need to make an impact in your company.

    We make it a point to devote sufficient time and attention to our clients' needs because we know first-hand the value of a startup team's time. Our team brings dedication and an exceptional tenacity to every assignment. Our clients can be confident that they get the results they expect and require, and on a time line that understands and respects the needs of start up companies in China.
    Delivering Exceptional Talent to Audaciously Visionary Start Ups ¨C Presentation by Andy Mok

    Cross Search International

    Terry Crossman C'78 is the founder and past president of the Penn Club of Beijing and has been in the Executive Search Business in China for over 14 years. He is an active volunteer for Penn Alumni Career Networking which is open to all graduates of Penn's various schools:

    The Penn Club of Beijing posts these companies¡¯ information as a courtesy as they are run by Penn alumni that have assisted the club in helping Penn students and alumni with their job search in Beijing. The Penn Club of Beijing assumes no responsibility for the work that these companies do. Please contact them directly with specific questions.

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