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2009 Election
2009-2010 Elected Officers
Officer Nominations
2009-2010 Election Results
President: Loretta Evans, D.Sc.
Treasurer: Yin L. Yin
Young Alumni Leader: Sarah Ge
Events Coordinator: Drew Bass
Secretary: Justin Rapp
Communications Director: Nick Munch
Historian: Terry Crossman
Officer At Large (Board): Judy Shen, Charles Hseih, Amy Huang-Lee
Officers at Large join current board members Yong Jiang, KT Wu and Bill Dunworth.

Below are alumni that were nominated for officer positions for 2010 in the Penn Club of Beijing. The election took place at the first Annual General Meeting on September 23, 2009.
Loretta Evans
President Nominee:

Though I have only been involved with the club since January of this year, I have been highly impressed by the service and dedication Loretta has exhibited.She designed (and now manages) the club website and she has repeatedly taken the initiative in setting up events, most recently the general meeting we will be attending on September 23rd. She also arranged to have the Dean of the School of Engineering speak when he was in China earlier this year. I also understand she has been involved in an entrepreneurial venture focused on women graduates of Penn
I have often spoken with Loretta about ways of increasing the profile of the Club.In those discussions she has always exhibited a strategic approach that is also pragmatic.She works across constituencies well and does not hesitate to complete tasks herself.
Finally, she is a graduate of a program that links two schools at Penn:Wharton and SEAS.That linkage should help coordinate activities between the Penn Club of Beijing and the various Wharton clubs.
Young Alumni Leader Nominee:
Sarah Ge graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Finance from the Wharton School.After graduation, she worked in Hong Kong for a year before deciding to move to Beijing to be closer to her family.She immediately reached out to the Club,got involved and suggested the first activity be fundraising for the Women Entrepreneurs group.She has proven to be highly responsible and very enthusiastic
Treasurer Nominee:
Yin L. Yin has three degrees from Penn.She manages a busy job with a lot of traveling with participation in Penn events in Beijing and on campus.She has been active with the club for over a year now after being involved with the Penn alumni group in Germany before moving to Beijing.She prepared the Club's newsletter until we launched the website. She is a stickler for details, careful with records and will make a fine treasurer. You can learn more about Yin in the About Us - Board page on this website.
Events Coordinator Nominee:
Drew Bass (06) majored in East Asian Languages and Cultures. She moved to Beijing in 2006, and currently works for the public relations firm Weber Shandwick. Drew is from Houston, Texas.Drew is highly organized, hardworking and thoughtful.She has been participating with the Women's Entrepreneur group to help develop and implement ideas for fundraising and boost Penn's presence in Beijing.
Officer at Large (Board) Nominee:
Judy Shen is a Law grad and has made many of the Penn alumni in Beijing very proud with her charity efforts.From time to time, members of the Club have turned out to help with community activities go towards helping local children. Judy will be an asset to the Board by offering suggestions of community and charitable activities that the Club can support.Go to the homepage to see Judy's article.

Officer at Large (Board) Nominee:
Robert Zou is a Wharton grad and our current featured alum.We all saw the success of the Wharton Forum held in Beijing this past June; and, many of us assisted Robert with the largest Penn event ever held in Beijing.Robert will be very helpful in working with the other board members guiding the future of the Penn Club of Beijing.Click on the article about Robert to learn more about him.

Club Historian Nominee:
Terry Crossman has served as the president of the Penn Club of Beijing for over 15 years. He has been effective at managing the ClubĄ¯s membership information for many years and is very committed to the Club. He enjoys working with databases. Terry was a previous featured alumni. Click here http://www.pennclubbeijing.com/spotlight_detail2.html to learn more about Terry.
Officer at Large (Board) Nominee:
Amy Huang-Lee is active in the Wharton Alumni group in Beijing and was an important part of the Wharton Forum held in Beijing in June of this year. She contributed an article to the launch of the ClubĄ¯s new website earlier this year and has been a supporter of the club. Her great organization skills will be a great asset to the Club. Get to know more about Amy by reading her article featured on the web at http://www.pennclubbeijing.com/Robertson.html.

Ballots will be available at the Annual General Meeting on September 23, 2009. You can e-mail your vote if you are a current member or pay for 2009/2010. See the Membership tab for details.

Treasurer Nominee:
Sarah Ge has also been nominated for Young Alumni Leader. See her nomination.
Secretary Nominee:
Loretta Evans has also been nominated for President. See her nomination.
Officer at Large Nominee:
Loretta Evans has also been nominated for President. See her nomination.
Communications Director Nominee:
Justin Rapp is a 2006 Wharton graduate.