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By-Laws of The University of Pennsylvania
“Penn” Club of Beijing

I. Purpose:

The purpose of the Club shall be:

1. To serve as a channel of communication between the individual gradate and the contemporary University of Pennsylvania;
2. The establish a medium for serving the Unviersity of Pennsylvania in the Beijing community;
3. To renew and broaden University of Pennsylvania fellowship through social and intellectual activities of common interest, and to foster mutually beneficial relationships among alumni among all schools of the University of Pennsylvania;
4. To foster cooperative relationship among alumni, current students, parents and other members of the University of Pennsylvania family who are residents or visitors to the region;
5. To guide outstanding students to the University;
6. To enhance the prestige of the University by promoting its educational achievements and the achievements of its alumni in the local community

II. Officers:
The Club shall have the following officers who comprise the Board of the Club and are responsible for the organization of the Club’s functions:


  • Preside over all Club meetings or assign a board member to preside when absent
  • Guide the overall direction of the clubs'activities
  • Ensure the active participation of Club's Officers and membership
  • Draft an propose amendments to the Club's by-laws
  • Maintain regular communication to the University of Pennsylvania's Office of Alumni Relations and Wharton External Affairs (if President is not a Wharton alumnus/a, can assign responsibility to another Board member)
  • Inform the Office of Alumni Relations of changes in the Club's Board
  • Monitor the Club's e-mail account (pennclub.beijing@gmail.com) and reply to e-mails in a timely fashion (this responsibility is shared with the Secretary)

  • Treasurer:

  • Collect and disburse the Club's funds, e.g. collect dues and reimburse
  • Maintain the Club's bank account
  • Keep record of all transactions and publish bi-monthly reports (to be made public to the Club’s membership online via the Penn Club of Beijing website or other means)

  • Secretary:

  • Take minutes of all meetings
  • Keep and update contact information of Club members
  • Monitor the Club’s e-mail account (pennclub.beijing@gmail.com, pcbj@pennclubbeijing.com, info@pennclubbeijing.com, etc.) and reply to e-mails in a timely fashion (this responsibility is shared with the President)

  • Communications Director:

  • Compile updates and upcoming events in a regular newsletter, send to the members of the Club and make available for posting on the Club’s website
  • Send out reminder e-mails about events one week ahead of time
  • Update upcoming events on facebook group
  • Welcome new members

  • Historian:

  • Keep records of Club events in the form of pictures, accounts and make those findings available for posting on the Club’s website
  • Send summaries to University of Pennsylvania Alumni Relations when appropriate
  • Research history of Penn alumni and Penn-affiliated persons in China, publish on the Penn Club of Beijing website

  • Events Coordinator:

  • Set events calendar and coordinate planning of execution of events
  • Recruit support from other officers and Club members

  • Young Alumni Leader:

  • Represent the interests of recent grads (past five years and members under 30 years old)
  • Reach out to recent grads coming to Beijing or living in Beijing
  • Reach out to current Penn students studying in Beijing
  • Officer(s) at Large:responsibility can include, but are not limited to

  • Maintain Club website
  • Organize events
  • Maintain corporate relations/coordinate sponsorships
  • Fundraising for the University of Pennsylvania

  • See our Current Officers at Large at http://www.pennclubbeijing.com/aboutofficers.html

    III. Election of Officers:
    Election of Officers of the Club shall be held at the Club’s Annual General Meeting. The report of the Board of Directors shall be included with the announcement of the Annual General Meeting. Election shall be by majority vote of the dues-paying members present at the Annual General Meeting. Vacancies on the Board may be filled at any Meeting of the Club.

    A process and requirements for conducting elections must be circulated and agreed upon with the board prior to communicating upcoming elections to the alumni, including but not limited to, the one paragraph introduction of officer candidates.

    All Officers shall be elected tof a one year term, beginning October 1 and ending the following September 30. Officers may serve in the same position of a maximum of three (3) years consecutively. Officers shall actively recruit active participants from new generations of Penn alumni and groom future officers where applicable.

    IV. Meetings
  • The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in September, the exact date to be decided by the Board. The 2009 General Meeting will be held Wednesday, September 23, 2009. Location will be determined based on the volume of alumni expected to attend the meeting.
  • Regular Board meetings shall be held every other even month (i.e., February, April, June, August, October and December) on the last Friday of the month; the location will be:
    3 Geguizhouren, Jianwai Soho Building 7
    三个贵州人, 建外SOHO7栋, +86 (10) 5869 0598
  • Additional meetings may be called at any time by the Board members.
  • The Agenda of each Meeting shall be determined at the previous meeting, updated and sent out by the Secretary one week before the meeting.
  • At least half of the Board members must be present to approve changes to the Club’s activity schedules, meeting procedures or disbursement of funds. (Prior approval from board members in lieu of actual attendance will suffice if agreed upon by Board members at the meeting.) Decisions shall be passed by majority vote; in case of a draw, the President shall make the final decision.

  • V. Activities
    Activities of the Club shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Social events, e.g., dinners, drinks, orientation events for newcomers to Beijing
  • Speaker events
  • Cultural excursions
  • Events jointly sponsored by other university alumni clubs in Beijing

  • VI. Membership Eligibility
    The following individuals are eligible for membership in the Club:

  • Any person who has graduated from or who is currently studying at The University of Pennsylvania;
  • Any person who is a parent of a current Penn student or Penn alumni;
  • Any person who is or has been a professor, associate professor, member of the faculty or administrator of the University of Pennsylvania;
  • Any person who has rendered special service to the University of Pennsylvania or recognized by a majority vote of the Club’s officers.

  • VII. Membership Fees, Privileges and Obligations
  • The Annual Membership Fee shall be stipulated by the Board of Directors and is payable at and after The Annual General Meeting of the year for which the fee shall be assessed. Failure to pay such fee shall automatically suspend said member from enjoying the privileges of membership. The fee for Individual membership is currently 300 RMB. (Members can pay dues using bank transfer as explained on the Club website.)
  • Privileges of Members:
  • Elect and be elected as Officers and members of the Board of the Club; and
  • Participate in the activities of the Club at the stipulated discounted price
  • Obligations of Members
  • Abide by the By-laws of the Club
  • Pay the Annual Membership Fee
  • Assist and participate in Club activities

  • VIII. Finances of the Club
    The Club funds shall be administered by the Treasurer, who maintains the Club’s bank account and keeps record of all transactions. The Treasurer shall also publish a bi-monthly report, which shall be made public to the Club’s membership (e.g., through newsletter and/or website).
    Any disbursement of Club’s funds above RMB 100 must be approved by majority vote of the Board.

    IX. Amendments to the Club By-laws
    These By-laws may be amended at any Annual General Meeting or other meeting of the Club by a majority vote of those members present.

    Officers 2008-2009:
    Name Penn Affiliation E-mail Area of Responsibility
    Terry Crossman C 78, PAR 08 crossman@cross-search.net President, Board Member
    K. T. Wu WG 95 ktwu@elabridge.com Board Member
    Loretta Evans GEX 95 levansvz@hotmail.com Board Member, Webmaster
    Tiffany Liu C 03 tiffany.y.liu@gmail.com Board Member
    Yong Jiang GEE 00 jiang_yong99@yahoo.com.cn Board Member, Treasurer
    Yin L. Yin C 05, W 05, WG 06 yin.l.yin.wg06@gmail.com Board Member, Editor of Newsletter
    X. Approval of the Club By-laws

    The Penn Club of Beijing By-Laws was approved with modifications herein by the Penn Club of Beijing Board on August 28, 2009. Board members present August 28: Terry Crossman, Yong Jiang, Yin Yin and Loretta Evans. By-laws became effective immediately following approval.